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ISA Server 2006 & HTTP Compression: No support for “Quality value” in “Accept-Encoding” header

When using the ISA Server 2006 in a web publishing scenario, the ISA Serbver 2006 can take care of compressing the content to reduce the number of bytes that needed to be send to the clients. Compression is especially advisable when serving JavaScript and CSS files because text-based files can be compressed with a very […]

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ISA Server 2006 as Reverse Web Caching Proxy: Analyze “Object source” and “Cache Info” fields

When publishing content from a web server that is behind a ISA 2006 firewall, the ISA can be configured as Reverse Web Caching proxy, i.e. the ISA caches responses from the web server(s) and sends the cached content to the clients instead of requesting the content from the web servers again (see “Reverse proxy” on […]

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