Windows: Android SDK installer does not find Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Update 2011-06-25: As suggested in the comments just clicking back button and then next again in the installer could bypass the problem. Thanks to Hatem and tikno07.

Android SDK Tools Setup JDK not foundI was trying to install the Android SDK tools using the Windows installer package recently. Since I had the Java JDK SE 6 Update 23 installed on my system I was confused about the installer aborting the installation process with the message:

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found

After some research I found out, that the installer does not detect 64-bit JDK versions. After removing the 64-bit version of the JDK and (re)installed the 32-bit version the installer worked as expected.
I also found this post and that one which show workarounds to get the Android SDK tools working with a 64-bit JDK. Due to the fact that I do not know if using a 64-bit JDK has any side effects on the Android tools, I decided to use 32-bit one to be on the save side.


  1. Ranjeet

    Hey Jan,

    Can you send me the link to the 32 bit JDK. Cant seem to find that. Really want to start off on a project.


  2. Jan Jonas

    Hi Ranjeet,
    you can find the download here (“Windows x86, jdk-6u25-windows-i586.exe”).

  3. Hatem

    Hi Friend
    Here is a simple solution
    when the error message appears, simply click previous next Next again.

  4. Rahul Harikrishna


  5. Kas

    ^ Hatem, you are a life saver.

    Btw I start developing now.


  6. Megh

    Thanks loads Katem . I was struggling for a while and – ur solution rocks. cheers.

  7. DJOW


  8. tikno07

    hey dude…you do not need to remove your 64bit JDK.. just click back-button and then click the next again…
    works! for me…

  9. Marcus

    Well that makes me feel confident about the SDK when the installer doesn’t event run

  10. Chris

    Thanks for the suggestion to press previous and next again. It worked for me with JDK release 26

  11. Jango

    thx Hatem,

    worked for me too… (Rel 26)

    Regards Jango

  12. Mike Covington

    Thanks a lot, Hatem!

  13. Vual Norea

    Thanks Hatem….
    Google always does things in beta… I am sick of being their beta tester

  14. chul.moveon

    Thanks also Hatem,,

    It works!

  15. syam

    thanks hatem….

  16. Nonplussed

    Gawd. We’re developing applications with this trash…

  17. Ahmed Hassan

    Thanx Hatem for your help
    it’s working

  18. Ivan

    Thanx a lot!

  19. hakeem

    This is not working with me !!! PLEASE HELP….

    Although I created a JAVA_HOME variable !

    Thanks in advance

  20. Nisarg

    Yep.The trick of pressing the previous next button again works like a charm.Thanks a ton.

  21. ume

    thanks for rocking solution

  22. Craig

    my sdk mgr dosent recognize java im running windows xp and i dont get a back button option please help u can email me

  23. Jan Jonas

    Hi Craig,
    have you tried the 32-bit version of the Java SDK?

  24. Ankur

    Creating Environment variable can also work for this error :read this:
    JDK not found

  25. Martin

    I failed with the env variable with windows 7 64 Bit home premium, but the solution with the 32 bit SDK works fine 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  26. Mfundo

    I have the same problem on 64 bit

  27. harish

    installed 32bit. and worked. good.

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